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Construction Management

Eco Track Services provides project and construction management professionals to support our clients in developing, managing, and executing enterprise-wide efforts and services. 

Construction Management, Technical and Engineering Services

Eco Track Services provides construction managers, technical subject matter experts and engineers with experience supporting capital and large construction projects for NNSA and other federal clients.  Our staff have supported M&O contractors and federal project directors with the requirements required to execute a DOE O 413.3B construction project.  This includes managing and supporting execution of nuclear construction activities.  We understand the need to execute discrete activities including a complete understanding of fabrication and site preparation elements allowed through advanced planning, including CD-3X procurement packages.  Nuclear construction must be baselined considering the full range of hazards and controls including but not limited to radiological, chemical, safeguards and security as well as safety and health conditions warranted by the specifics of each project and the conditions of the site. Our staff provides support for managing and overseeing the Critical Path with consideration for Key Performance Parameters and the projects defined completion criteria for.  Staff must understand Earned Value Management System reporting, baseline reporting metrics, cost and schedule management, and most importantly overseeing safety and health conditions for the protection of workers, the site and the environment.

As stated previously, our staff have supported capital projects ranging in size from $75M to several billion dollars; and in complexity from basic construction such new warehouses and office facilities to highly specialized construction projects involving state-of-the-art technology including nuclear security and production facilities.


Construction projects presents new challenges whether it involves a new or modification to an existing facility.  Operational constraints present their own unique challenges, and our multidisciplinary teams provide clients with the robust support needed to complete and/or evaluate a project’s ability to complete efforts on time, and within budget. Our team consists of Construction Management Professionals, Technical and subject matter experts for NNSA programs, engineering and Nuclear Quality Assurance expertise and engineers and field personnel with greater than 30 years’ experience with Hazard Category II Nuclear facilities.  Our team of personnel have the experience required to support nuclear construction activities including DOE O 413.3B for capital construction projects.

Areas of Specialty Include

Construction Site Managers
  • Construction Managers with up to 30 years of relevant experience.

  • Compliance with federal criteria and project oversight including DOE O 413.3B

  • Earned Value Management System and reporting requirements.

  • Change control evaluations.

  • Subject Matter experts for NNSA production facilities

  • Engineering Support for construction

  • Schedule and Budget development, management and reporting

  • Radiological Operations & Controls

  • Contract Management​

  • Nuclear Quality Assurance

  • Construction Safety & Health

  • Development of field and conduct of operational procedures and plans for operational facilities.

  • Fabrication and Constructibility reviews.

  • Transfer to Operations and final Commissioning of Equipment and Systems.

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Get to Know Us

Eco Track Services, Inc. is a woman-owned small business that provides project management, project controls, technical, and environmental support services for public and private sectors.

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